Converged Security Resilience Champion

Security convergence is the strategic integration of physical security and information security within an organisation, breaking down silos to create unified teams and strategies. This award, recognises an individual who excels in balancing the convergence of digital and physical security. The awardee will possess the knowledge to identify challenges that arise when dealing with both cyber and physical security, demonstrating an exceptional ability to integrate the management of these domains within their organisation and the respective teams responsible for each.

Nomination Questions: maybe?

  • Describe how the nominee has demonstrated expertise in integrating digital and physical security within their organisation. Highlight specific instances or projects that showcase their ability to converge security strategies.
  • Explain how the nominee recognises and addresses the distinct challenges that arise when dealing with both cyber and physical security. Provide examples of their proactive approach to managing these challenges.
  • Discuss how the nominee brings together the teams responsible for physical and cyber security. Outline their methods for fostering collaboration, communication, and cohesion between these traditionally separate disciplines.
  • Share notable achievements resulting from the nominee’s efforts in converging digital and physical security. Highlight outcomes that demonstrate enhanced security resilience and effectiveness.
  • Explore the nominee’s contributions to advancing the concept of security convergence. Discuss any innovative approaches, technologies, or strategies they have implemented to push the boundaries of converged security.
  • If known, provide the nominee’s pronouns to ensure their inclusion in the category recognising women and non-binary individuals. Discuss how the nominee promotes inclusivity and diversity within the context of converged security resilience.