Team Category

Harakeke Achievement Award

The Harakeke Achievement Award in Cybersecurity recognizes the critical role of technology and digital security in preserving and protecting indigenous knowledge, cultural heritage, and resources. It honors those who have worked tirelessly to ensure that indigenous communities have the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity threats and challenges.

The word “Harakeke” is derived from the Māori language and refers to the New Zealand flax plant, which is a symbol of resilience, strength, and versatility in Māori culture. Like the Harakeke plant, recipients of this award embody these qualities by exhibiting a deep commitment to upholding and preserving indigenous knowledge, traditions, and practices.


Nominees for the Harakeke Achievement Award in Cybersecurity may include individuals or organizations that have made significant contributions towards advancing cybersecurity in indigenous communities. These nominees may have:

  •   Developed innovative approaches to protecting indigenous knowledge, data, and digital assets
  •   Worked to increase awareness of cybersecurity risks and best practices within indigenous communities
  •   Collaborated with indigenous communities to create culturally sensitive and appropriate cybersecurity policies and practices
  •   Advocated for the inclusion of indigenous perspectives in cybersecurity research and policy-making

Q1  How is your nominee acted as the voice of cybersecurity risks and best practices within indigenous communities?

Q2 Please detail their accomplishments to date that you believe demonstrate potentially unrealised and unique potential and/or that have made a difference to the indigenous community. 

Q3  What have been the most important outcomes of their actions?

Q4  What were the greatest challenges they had to overcome to achieve these outcomes?

Q5. How have they advocated for the inclusion of indigenous perspectives in cybersecurity policies and research – demonstrating excellence and innovation in the industry?

Q6-Have they created or developed any approaches to protecting indigenous knowledge, data, and digital assets? If so can you elaborate on what those are in more detail.

Team Category

Best Place to Work in Security

Inclusive Workplace Excellence in Security Award

This recognition celebrates workplaces that have exhibited exceptional dedication to fostering an environment that empowers and supports women and non-binary individuals, facilitating the realisation of their full potential. The victorious organisation will be distinguished by its unwavering commitment to eliminating gender bias in all its manifestations, striving to create an inclusive workplace where every employee is treated with equality, regardless of gender.

Nomination Questions:

  • Describe the involvement of women in security roles within this workplace. Include specific details, such as the number of women in key security positions.
  • Outline the specific programs and policies the organization has implemented to encourage women to achieve their full potential in the security sector.
  • Detail the measures the organization is taking to ensure recruitment and promotion practices and policies are free from gender bias.
  • Describe the organisation’s efforts to educate its workforce about gender bias and discrimination, as well as the strategies employed to eliminate these issues.
  • Highlight the policies and procedures the organization has in place to address gender-related issues, including discrimination, bias, and harassment.
  • Summarise why you believe this organisation stands out and deserves the Excellence in Security Workplace Award. Consider aspects such as inclusivity, equality, and the overall positive impact on the security industry.